Vitap was established in Poggibonsi, Tuscany (Italy) in 1954 thanks to the initiative of two mechanical engineers, Pietro Tanzini and Franco Viciani.

Thanks to the local manufacturing tradition and work experience, the company products grew through R&D, research, and worldwide customer requirements.

In addition to the classical lines of boring machines and edgebanders, today Vitap also offers new and state-of the-art compact CNC machines, which can be utilized for both flat panel manufacturing as well as solid wood.

An important development of the CNC Point series are the Point Acoustic and the Point Grooving, which were designed and developed for the growing market of acoustic and noise reduction panels.

Never one to stop the R&D process, Vitap went on to develop the Point K2 compact CNC machine, which, complete with the patented DDT (Double Dynamic Transport, has created a true CNC work center, capable of performing the same duties as a full-fledged, conventional CNC router, for less money and space requirements.

These are the steps and developments that have propelled Vitap to an even higher success in the world market.


The first idea of one new machine is born from consults between the trade commission them and the technical office, in an exchange of opinions.


When the machine enters in production all the materials comes works to you on blots some to C.N. and before passing to the assemblage, all pieces come heads in the unit quality control accurately '.

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