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Machines for the perfect execution of acoustic panels

Sound absorbing panels
against noise pollution

The Vitap CNC machines for the execution of acoustic and sound-absorbing panels intervene in performing ways on one of the most relevant and undervalued problems of our time: that of acoustic pollution.
Our CNC Point Acoustic and Point Grooving machines have been specifically designed to produce high performance acoustic panels, thanks to the drills and grooves performed with very high speed and precision.

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From the problem to the opportunity:
design acoustic panels for architects and engineers

The sound-absorbing panels made with Vitap machines are an optimal solution for professionals, architects, engineers and designers to create interior design spaces in environments such as schools, restaurants and offices, where the phenomenon of noise pollution is amplified. Acoustic panels can include worked and colored surfaces and be covered in fabric, giving life to objects of high aesthetic value. The result is a perfect combination of the acoustic correction function with an image logic and space decoration.

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Our machines

Point Acoustic and Point Grooving are numerical control machines that allow the creation of high quality acoustic panels and modules. Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, they perform drilling work, very high precision grooving with great speed: our Point Acoustic, for example, is able to drill 55 holes every 4 seconds.


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