Towards the future:
machines for advanced materials
panels processing

Materials we work on:



Foam material 01


white plastic sheets




sandwich panels


And much more

Machinery and technologies
to answer the new market challenges

Our machines are able to process panels made by advanced materials such as Corian, Foam, plastic, aluminum,bakelite, phenolic and sandwich panels. Our machines fits to new consumption and production requirements to help entrepreneurs and artisans work in a simple and efficient way. Technologies evolve, and our company with them.

The advanced materials processed with Vitap machines are easily applicable to markets such as the industry of railway, furniture and wind technologies.

Are you looking for a machine that can work one of these materials? Get in touch with us and we will let you do it in a simple, fast and accurate way.

D-D-T Double Dynamic Transport Patented System

D-D-T Double Dynamic Transport is the double clamp system for the seamless panel movement patented by Vitap. Applicable on panels of any material, it will help you work more fluidly, faster and more accurately than machines without it. We were the first company in the world to have a similar system, today applied to cutting-edge working centers such as Point K2 2.0.

Point K2 2.0: the CNC working center for processing your materials

Point K2 2.0, winner of the XIA Xylexpo Innovation Awards in 2018, is the CNC machining center with all the advantages of classic Nesting processing and no limits in horizontal drilling. In addition to the D-D-T System has another patented technology, Vitap Bar Nesting System, which allows it to work the 5 faces of the panel in just 4 minutes.


Test us

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Test us, we will help you make it happen with our technologies.

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