Point K2 2.0 & Gerko: making and finishing of modular wooden stands

The Dutch company has chosen our CNC machining center for work of the highest quality

Gerko is an important Dutch company based in Harlingen which produces and assembles the stands in a sustainable and efficient way. It is responsible for the engineering of many stands of numerous public institutions in the Netherlands.To further raise the quality of their work, Gerko has chosen to purchase a Point K2 2.0 by contacting our dealer Mac Lean. Mac Lean is a very important partner for Vitap and together we are concluding very important operations in the Netherlands.

Point K2 2.0: the ideal solution for finishes

Our Point K2 2.0 CNC has earned the reputation of one of the best machinery for the construction and finishing of interiors of all kinds: from kitchens and furnishings of living or commercial spaces, to more particular solutions such as those adopted by Gerko for stands and bleachers.

The use of patented technologies such as Vitap Bar Nesting System®️ and DDT System Double Dynamic Transport®️, combined with the ingenuity and reliability of Vitap machinery, make Point K2 2.0 a unique and unparalleled machine on the market.

Our comment

Point K2 2.0 continues to amaze every day: we are very proud that a company like Gerko, which carries out high quality work for prestigious institutions, has chosen our machinery. We thank the company for trusting us, confident that this will be well rewarded.

A big thank you also goes to our Mac Lean partners. Our partnership strengthens every day and the results in the Netherlands market speak for themselves. We are thrilled with our collaboration, mutual respect and great cooperation we see every day on the field.

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