Point K2 920

Point K2 920 is a CNC wood working center that stands out for its ease of management and programming.

Point K2 920 has a double patent: the DDT System Double Dynamic Transport®️ and the Bar Nesting System®️.

It’s a revolutionary innovation in the field of CNC woodworking machines because it allows to maintain all the nesting advantages without limits in the execution of horizontal holes. Point K2 920 is also able to complete the process, including cutting, in just 4 minutes.

The large working area (Y axis) of 920 mm and the easy and direct control by PC make the work of the the worker simple and fast, with an optimization of time, costs and productivity.

Thanks to the small size you can save valuable space and create better working conditions, making the operators’ work easier.

Fast installation, short setup times, no special maintenance and low energy consumption are other features that make Point K2 920 the perfect machine for companies of any size.

From small and medium companies, which have limited budgets and stocking space to large companies which need high productivity but want to cut costs typical of CNC woodworking machines.

The Point K2 920 CNC machining centre does not need suckers like traditional machines and requires small suction system (2000 m3/hour), guaranteeing much lower operating costs.



Patented DDT double clamp system

Patent Vitap Bar Nesting System®️

Easy to handle

Full parametric control

Y axis 920 mm capacity

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