Point K2 Top

Point K2 Top is the CNC working center that exceeds the typical limits in horizontal boring of classic nesting. It is an automatic boring machine with a through panel drilling from below and automatic return of the piece to the operator, with front and / or rear panel discharge and a working area (Y axis) of 1200 mm.

Rewarded with XIA 1st Prize for “Panel Processing” at Xylexpo 2018 and finalist in 2017 of the prestigious AWFS Visionary New Machine Award in Las Vegas, USA, is the only machine in the world with double D-D-T System patent, & Software BAR Nesting. Thanks to the double clamp technology it is able to complete the machining of the four sides of the panel and of the lower face in a single process, without any intermediate intervention or set-up by the operator.

Thanks to this CNC you will carry out a work of high quality and high production speed. Your technicians will be able to work on pre-cut panels, safer and less tiring to transport than raw panels.

Point K2 Top is the ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies with limited budgets and reduced storage capacity, as well as for large companies that need to reduce the costs typical of large CNC machines.

Thanks to its small size you can save valuable space in your company and create better working conditions.



XIA 2018 1st Prize - "Panel Processing" Category

Patented D-D-T 2-clamp system with 0" tuning

Maximum panel grip

Patent Software Vitap Bar Nesting

Large capacity in Y 1200 mm

Standard laser for perfect connections


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