The strength of youth: Menuiserie Gardette & Vitap Point K2 2.0

A company led by young professionals chooses our CNC machining center

Menuiserie Gardette is a carpentry based in Lentigny, in the heart of France. The company, founded in 1926, is the custodian of a long tradition. An ancient and wise knowledge, which is now kept by the brothers Alexandre and Thierry Gardette. The two brothers, with a visionary spirit, have trusted a generation of very young professionals.

The company has shown that it can look to the future with innovative ideas. And it is certainly no coincidence that Menuiserie Gardette chose our revolutionary Vitap Point K2 2.0 to do so.

With our CNC machining center they have created valuable works, such as the solid wood ladder rack visible in the photo.

Menuiserie Gardette confirms great enthusiasm for Point K2 2.0, a machine that is fully repaying their investment, giving important professional satisfaction.

Watch the full video of Menuiserie Gardette with Point K2 2.0

The satisfaction of the Gardette family continues

As with all companies that choose Vitap machines, after the purchase we remained in constant contact with Menuiserie Gardette and with their family members. It is very important for us to always be present and to help professionals and companies who trust us.

Contacts are particularly frequent with Mr. Alexandre Gardette, who also today, in July 2021, confirms that he is very satisfied with Vitap and that his family is very happy with the choice made.

In particular, he told us how he often mentions Vitap among his most important partners and the CNC Point K2 2.0 machining center as a particularly efficient machine for making kitchens, staircases and walk-in closets.

Menuiserie Gardette is also very satisfied with the Quartz 6.7 automatic edgebander, a versatile machine designed to allow companies to edge even different panels with continuity and quality.

We are very proud of our relationship with Menuiserie Gardette: thank you for this beautiful testimony!

In the photo, the smiling Gardette family with our Vitap Quartz 6.7