Menuiserie Jennepin: the first few months with Quartz 6.7 and Point K2 2.0

The company tells us about its experience with our machinery

In July, Menuiserie David Jennepin decided to buy our Quartz 6.7 and Point K2 2.0, after seeing them in action during the Open Day organized by Tecmab, our trusted retailer in France.

After the first few months David Jennepin of use told his impressions to us and to Sébastien Terrones, owner of Tecmab, about the use of these machines.

"We have made this important investment with apprehension. But we knew that the K2 2.0 working center would make us grow in our profession and allow us to grow and develop higher quality products.

For our part there is still a lot of work to become more effective and profitable on its use. We had foreseen it but we would like to be even faster.

All this is possible also thanks to the reactivity and the competence of each one of you, which allow me to cross this path with more serenity than any other in front of a machine from the way of working that before was unknown to me, but that I already love! Thanks!"

Here are some works already done with our K2 2.0

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