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Ambition and determination to grow in the market with own talent

Since 1954 we develop smart industrial technological machines with the aim of improving the work of entrepreneurs, artisans and carpenters.

D-D-T Double Dynamic Transport Patented System

D-D-T Double Dynamic Transport is the double clamp system for the seamless panel movement, patented by Vitap. We were the first company in the world to have a similar system, today applied to cutting-edge work centers such as Point K2 2.0.

vitap lab


innovative vision Vitap Lab embodies the of our company. On the one hand, this department represents our research and development center, where we develop new machinery and technologies. On the other hand, an area is dedicated to the training and technological support of our partners.

vitap lab


Discover the technologies and the certified Vitap patents. From the most complex patented systems such as Double Dynamic Transport, with double-clamp technology, applied to the Point K2 2.0 CNC, to every single trick we apply to our machines. We design solutions to make the way you work smarter.

February 10, 2021

First impressions of Bois Emois after purchasing Vitap Point K2 2.0

Bois Emois is a company which has always been working with wood and has just purchased Vitap Point K2 2.0 CNC. Find out their first impressions with it
November 11, 2020

Sound absorbing panels and sound absorption: all you need to know

Read this guide signed Vitap and find out everything there is to know about the concepts of sound absorbing panel and sound absorption
July 24, 2020

Eclipse 2.0 | The new version of the iconic edgebander

Discover the Eclipse 2.0 important innovations in design and technology, for a more intuitive, productive and comfortable use
July 24, 2020

LR Industrie chooses Eclipse 2.0 for the edgebanding of its panels

LR Industrie has chosen Vitap Eclipse 2.0 for the edging of its panels. Find out why they chose it and what their first impressions are