Vitap in Belgium: the relationship with the Noblesse dealer and
the satisfaction of end customers

  • Noblesse


The success achieved in this country saw the collaboration of a trusted partner such as the Noblesse dealer, who for many years has helped us expand and respond to the needs of Belgian entrepreneurs, carpenters and craftsmen. Noblesse is based in Londerzeel, in a strategic position that places it between Brussels and Antwerp. It is an established reality with a great tradition. In fact, it has been operating in the woodworking machinery sector since 1953.

Together we have participated in important trade fairs and have satisfied many customers. It is an extremely professional partner with whom we collaborate with gratification.

Lusobati: a Belgian company satisfied with Vitap & Noblesse

  • Lusobati


Among the satisfied companies that we have helped together, Lusobati stood out for the quality of the work carried out. It is an important reality in the field of finishes, which since 1999 has been carrying out major renovation, construction and development projects for buildings. Lusobati specializes in the installation of partition walls, false ceilings and in the technical and aesthetic development of internal and external walls and also positions itself as a specialist in insulation and acoustics.

Among the works carried out by Lusobati we show you this splendid realization carried out with our Vitap Point K2 2.0. We are thrilled to see our customers deliver projects of this value.

Our comments

Mr. Fabrizio Montanelli, Vitap Export Area Manager and reference point for the collaboration with Noblesse, wanted to comment on the activity carried out in Belgium

“Vitap cares very much about the Belgian market, where we have received great satisfaction. The collaboration with Noblesse was crucial to achieve them: we are enthusiastic about this partnership based on the same desire to achieve increasingly ambitious goals and satisfy the end customer in the best possible way. The testimonies of the clients and the incredible works they have done, such as those of Lusobati, make us extremely proud”.