Vitap & Caple:
a winning cooperation in India

The collaboration between Vitap & Caple, our major reseller in India, is proceeding in a winning way. At the beginning of 2022 the results are particularly evident.

Thanks to the joint efforts made in recent years, the Vitap Alfa 21 multi boring machine and the Vitap Eclipse edgebander are enjoying great success in the Indian market.

A decisive choice was not to focus exclusively on selling the product. Vitap and Caple have chosen to focus with great decision on the training of technicians and students, who have increased their professional level and have understood the great potential of Vitap machines.

These results and our philosophy convinced us to invest together in the creation of seven demo centers throughout India: we are sure that this will prove to be a good choice.

Here are the statements of Mr. Satyan Thukral, CEO of Caple, and Mr. Fabrizio Montanelli, Area General Manager of Vitap.

Mr. Satyan Thukral, Caple CEO

“Caple & Vitap together have been partners to introduce multi boring machines and semi automatic edge banders to the market. We believe to sell any premium product the business model is sales through education. Thus Caple and Vitap have invested in 7 demo centres all across India with the latest technology for the students and the industry to learn.

We look forward to good growth in the coming times.”

Mr. Fabrizio Montanelli, Vitap Area General Manager

Vitap is very proud of its collaboration with Caple, a company with which we share objectives and values. Together we have achieved great things and we are sure that we will continue to do so. We thank Mr. Thukral and all his team for their strong cooperation.