Vitap & Group Sétin:
a constantly evolving partnership

Meetings, constant training and creation of the showroom

The relationship between Vitap and Groupe Sétin, a major retailer based in the north of France, began many years ago. We immediately recognized in our partners the same commitment, the same professionalism and the same passion that we put into our work.

This empathy and this sharing of values have facilitated the consolidation of a lasting collaboration which, over time, has grown more and more.

Until 2022, the year in which we further changed gear, enriching the partnership by guaranteeing Group Sétin technicians all the training necessary to fully understand our machines and, subsequently, setting up a large showroom dedicated to Vitap machinery in Martot.

Let's see what were the stages of this path.

Mr. Fabrizio Montanelli - Vitap Export Area Manager - with Mr. Franck Lormier - Director of the woodworking machinery department of Groupe Sétin

1) Programmatic meetings

In February of this year we again visited Groupe Sétin and we set up a common plan to achieve a growth in our relationship and to give our partners all the tools to increase the commercial success of Vitap machines. The meetings served to share important information and to ensure maximum commercial training for Groupe Sétin agents, as well as to lay the foundations for the next steps.

2) Technical training

In April we hosted Groupe Sétin technicians in our headquarters for an intensive technical training session. This allowed them to discover all the secrets of our technologies and to get to know in depth all the functions of Vitap machinery.

This is a fundamental element as technicians are the real links with the end customer and the satisfaction of them largely depends on their ability to help users and to intervene effectively in case of need. Sétin technicians are perfectly trained and are able to assist customers in a timely and efficient manner.

3) Creation of a dedicated space in the showroom

The last step in this process of consolidating the collaboration with Groupe Sétin involved setting up a state-of-the-art Vitap dedicated space within their showroom in Martot. In this area a representative fleet of machines is exhibited. In particular there are our:

We are really excited to see such a satisfying collaboration grow.

Our comment

Fabrizio Montanelli, Vitap Export Area Manager and reference point for the collaboration with Groupe Sétin, wanted to comment on this collaboration.

“Developing a healthy and effective collaboration requires commitment, self-denial, technical-commercial training meetings and a great team spirit. These ingredients are present in both Groupe Sétin's and Vitap's DNA.

We invite you to visit Martot's Sétin showroom where you will find the full range of Vitap machines and you will be welcomed by qualified personnel ready to listen to your needs!"