Vitap with Mac Lean & Brandsing:
Point K2 2.0 in the Netherlands

From 7 to 8 October 2021 we participated in an evebt organized by Mac Lean, our dealer in the Netherlands.

Mac Lean had just sold our Point K2 2.0 CNC machining center to Brandsing, an innovative company from Rotterdam: we immediately seized the opportunity and flew to the Netherlands.

Here we met the staff of both companies, installed our working center and carried out a training session, which is essential to allow operators to fully exploit all the potential of the machine.

After a long period of visiting customers across the border was particularly difficult due to the pandemic, meeting our Dutch partners was truly rewarding and exciting.

The two days were very productive from a professional and emotional point of view: on the one hand we met teams that are very prepared, ready and interested in our Point K2 2.0, on the other we rediscovered the pleasure of a good welcome and the emotion of a handshake.

We would like to thank again the staff of the Mac Lean and Brandsing companies for these two intense days: we are very pleased to collaborate with two such stimulating companies.

Fabrizio Montanelli, Vitap Area General Manager

Watch the video summary of the event