Our wood boring machines

Designed to meet your daily needs


High Productivity


High Usability

Our wood boring machines are divided into the two Alfa lines, dedicated to small and medium production, and Sigma, designed for large-scale production. Woodworking machines are designed to meet the daily needs of our customers.

This sector is no exception: for example, our commercial sector can find suggestions or special requirements related to a portable boring machine by one of our users. Improvements to that particular machine can arise from the immediate comparison with the technical office. Or we can gather ideas to go to work on a new wood boring machine.

The constant commitment of Vitap when it makes a wood boring machine is to guarantee more intelligent solutions than the competitors, in order to make the end user’s work easier, faster and more efficient.

The Alfa line includes the Alfa and Alfa Digit semi-automatic boring machines with 21, 27 or 35 spindles. They are multiple boring machines that meet the needs of small dimensions and high quality / price ratio, suitable to realize projects of handicraft mold.

The Sigma line includes the Sigma and Sigma Cn automatic boring machine, with its rapid set-up, and the Sigma Center working center. These wood boring machines represent a high-performance and precise solution for large production requirements.