Our numerical control machines for wood processing

Intelligent and adaptive machines for flexible productions




Patented systems

Our numerically controlled woodworking machines include machining centers and machinery for making acoustic panels and drilling-gluing and dowel inserting machine.

Our CNC for wood stand out for their intelligence and their adaptability to the needs of both small and large companies. Flexible and performing, they allow to reach high production speeds with an excellent price/performance ratio. Our CNC woodworking machines are equipped with a computer-controlled milling machine, able of milling/removing wood with extreme precision.

Vitap, in the field of woodworking machinery, has highly innovative patented systems. The DDT System Double Dynamic Transport®️ is a revolutionary seamlessly panel movement by two clamps.

The Bar Nesting System®️ technology is applied to Point K2 2.0 and Point K2 920 and allows to maintain all nesting advantages with no more limits in the execution of horizontal holes.

Another revolutionary patented system is the belt-free panel movement device, applied to the CNC boring machine Point 2.

We have also entered the field of numerical control machines for the execution of acoustic and sound-absorbing panels, developing a highly specialized know-how and creating machines capable of achieving high performance.

Our machines are able to drill 55 holes in just 4 seconds, with a diameter ranging from 1 to 25 mm: this guarantees excellent noise absorption performance event for unusual elements.