Our edgebanding machines for wood processing

Semiautomatic and automatic single side edgebanding machines for your company

Ease of use




Vitap edgebanding machines are reliable and precise woodworking machines. Our range of products includes trimming machines, semi-automatic edgebanding machines and automatic single side edgebanding machines.

These machines are distinguished by their easy use, great versatility and limited space in the work environment. Our machines are able to apply edges with great efficiency and precision on shaped pieces of any shape and on straightened pieces.

Like all our products, wood edgebanding machines are designed to meet the practical needs of the user, offering intelligent solutions that make everyday work easier and faster.

One of our most popular machines is the semi-automatic edgebanding and trimming machine Eclipse with gluing pot for large and small curved pieces, was the winner in 2013 of the prestigious AWFS Visionary New Machine Award in 2013 Las Vegas USA.

Our semiautomatic machines also include the RC 92 universal trimmer and the Rounder trimmer, perfect for working on both straight and shaped corners.

Our line of automatic single side edgebanding machines is made up of the three Quartz 3 machines, suitable for craft companies, Quartz 4.5 and Quartz 5.6 suitable for companies with a more industrial cut.