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Vitap offers a wide range of services. Our goal is to guarantee constant assistance on our machines, with a dedicated service and spare parts available quickly. You can contact us from Italy and abroad: we will be ready to answer to your requests quickly.

Our machines are designed to adapt flexibly to your work needs. Thanks to our assistance and personalization services you will find tools, special heads, advanced software and many solutions that will help you improve your woodworking machinery. You will easily win your daily challenges and you will be able to create high quality products.

One of our top services is that of technological and training support dedicated to the staff of our partners and resellers in the VitapLab research and development center. Welcoming colleagues and collaborators in our research and development center is a great opportunity for growth and mutual exchange of knowledge.

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Vitap ensures a reliable and timely service of assistance and repair of woodworking machines. Our goal is to ensure maximum satisfaction in the shortest time possible to resolve any problems or difficulties.

According to the type of need we can act both remotely and on site. The intervention of our technicians can be requested, without distinction, in Italy

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Do you need spare parts?

At any time you can order wood machinery spare parts for your woodworking machines. Contact us if you need spare parts for your edge bander, drilling machine, CNC machine, spinner or any of our products.

We follow you with dedicated assistance to allow your woodworking machine to constantly achieve high performance: you can order spare parts and request our support for any need. With punctuality and precision we will quickly find the best solution for your needs.

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