Stone Interieur: high quality interiors
made with Point K2 2.0

  • Stone Interieur


The Dutch company chooses our CNC to make custom kitchens and furniture

Stone Interieur is a Dutch company based in Wallwijk, which produces high quality furniture, kitchens and wardrobes for companies and individuals. Stone Interieur recently purchased a Point K2 2.0 through our reseller Mac Lean, which once again proved to be a valuable sales and service partner.

Point K2 2.0: a point of reference in the world of personalized interiors

With Point K2 2.0 Stone Interieur has chosen what for years has been a point of reference for the creation of high quality interiors.

Our CNC machining center, thanks to the patented technologies Vitap Bar Nesting System®️ (which allows you to process the 5 sides of the panel in just 4 minutes) and DDT System Double Dynamic Transport®️ (double clamp system for seamless panel handling of continuity) ensures exceptional performance.

It also provides high customization possibilities, ideal for companies such as Stone Interieur that have to create custom kitchens, interiors and furniture for different types of customers, both corporate and private.

Our comment

We are sure that Point K2 2.0 was the right choice for Stone Interieur: years of continuous innovation and certified results prove it. We thank the company for choosing Vitap with enthusiasm.

An equally big thank you goes to our partner and reseller Mac Lean. With great professionalism they are helping us to strengthen our presence in the Dutch market and to achieve great results. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with them.

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