The Future is now...

Dear All

Beginning of March will take place a seminar-presentation of all the new developments for the year 2019.

Almost every machine has been redevoleped and there are some completely new machines. Some machines will be presented with drawings and later on will be presented at Ligna Fair which will take place in Hannover at the end of May.

Why Partecipate?

This meeting is mainly dedicated to our dealers from all over Europe and Italy and it will be the occasion to present, test and discuss about the new machines and system to work either for just in time or mass production.

Targeting the kind of customers and their needs will be also the core of the conferences and discussions to make sure that the line salesman will have all the tools and knowledge for a deeper and aggressive approach to sell the Vitap range of machines.

TECH TO THE FUTURE is not a marketing motto, it is the real everyday life inside Vitap. Every single Vitap person is motivated to find new ideas of innovation in the faith that innovation is a continuous answer to the changing needs of our customers and i think that this credo has been demonstrated in the last years.

Be our guest

Franco Tanzini - Vitap

Franco Tanzini

Product Sales & Production Director
Franco Tanzini - Vitap