Software for 3D presentation and making of
furniture and furnishings

Software for 3D presentation and making of
furniture and furnishings

VitapCabinet is the intuitive software that can be integrated into Vitap CNC machines that will allow you to present accurate 3D projects and create them by transmitting them to your machine with one click.

Increase your commercial appeal and the quality of your work with VitapCabinet, the software designed for carpenters and craftsmen:

  • Very easy and fast to learn
  • Accurate 3D projects for to the customer
  • Transmits the file to the CNC machine in 1 second
  • Quickly realize your project
  • Save time and achieve more

VitapCabinet: born to make your life easier

VitapCabinet was born from direct contact with artisan carpentries and listening to their needs.We have created software specifically designed to help you raise the quality of your work and manage your daily life in a concrete, fast and intuitive way.


You can integrate VitapCabinet on all Vitap machines of the Point Series and on Galileo (both new and already purchased).

Why choose VitapCabinet

VitapCabinet will allow you to abandon pen and paper and easily create professional 3D projects to present to your customers. Once accepted, you just need to click to send them to your Vitap CNC and make them.

The opinion of those who have already tried it

We are an artisan carpentry that makes custom-made and particular works, such as attics, recesses, compartments ..
We had no experience with software and computers: we worked manually and did all the calculations of measurements and workigs and drawings on paper.

With VitapCabinet, which is easy and practical to use, we have transformed our way of working in our joinery, making it faster, more versatile and more precise, with the essential possibility of providing the customer a very realistic rendering.

Falegnameria Artigiana Zacchello , Italy –

Our company is an artisan joinery, with a lot of experience handed down by expert skilled hands: we had no CAD programs, we used sheet, pen, ruler according to tradition./

With the VitapCabinet software we have speeded up both the design and the production on the working center, now the cabinets we produce are much more precise than they were when we used only paper, pen and ruler.

Zuccotti, Italy –

Leonardi Serramenti is an artisan company whose main purpose is to satisfy our customers in all their needs, creating custom cabinets in various materials, both in wood and laminate.

Since we started using the VitapCabinet software, making a product takes much less time than before, because we had to check the measurements several times to make sure that the different pieces fit together perfectly.

With VitapCabinet, on the other hand, when you have the measurements of an article to be made, you enter them in the program and the data are transferred directly to the machine. This saves time and the result is a more precise product.

Leonardi , Italy –

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