Micra and Point Acoustic: a new partnership
with DCI, Dubai

  • DCI


These days we hosted at the headquarters of Vitap Mr. Jaffar Ali of DCI (Dynamic Castle Interior Decoration LLC), an important company based in Dubai.

Founded in 2018, it operates in the Leisure, Commercial, Residential and special projects Sectors. DCI LLC is a full-service interior decoration firm providing luxury interior decoration as well as home decor services.

DCI has purchased two of our best machines in the field of making acoustic panels: Micra and Point Acoustic. We spent pleasant and friendly hours with Mr. Jaffar Ali, whom he wanted to meet Vitap personally and together we checked the progress of the work.

The usefulness of the web, the importance of human relationships

After having signed the agreement and discussed in depth all the technical details via online conference, with the Managing Director of DCI - Mr. Anil Kumar Madathil - we appreciated the opportunity to personally meet a representative of the company.

For Vitap, in fact, the human relationship always has a special place that goes beyond commercial significance.

We are proud to have entered into this partnership with a top-level company.

Our comment

Fabrizio Montanelli, Vitap Export Area Manager and reference point for the collaboration with DCI, wanted to comment on Vitap's relationship with this company.

“We are delighted to have reached a commercial agreement on our technologies with a company of the value of DCI, within a market as important as that of the Middle East. We are also proud to have personally introduced Vitap to our new customers. For us it is essential to make our company known to make people understand who we are, what our values are and how we work. It all started through an agreement reached online, following a negotiation based on highly specialized concepts also carried out remotely. We are able to handle such in-depth negotiations online, but a handshake always leaves a different flavor.”