Innovation and compactness

Wilco Koel Interieur exploits
the potential of the K2 2.0 CNC

Wilco Koel Interieur is a Dutch company based in Almere which, since 1999, has been designing and manufacturing bespoke furniture and interiors for companies, individuals and architects.

They recently bought a Vitap Point K2 2.0 from MacLean, our trusted dealer in that area, which did a great deal of sales and service.

Compactness and technology in a single CNC

Point K2 2.0 is a revolutionary CNC machining center, which concentrates the power of 4 machines by performing cutting, profiling, drilling and routing.

It is equipped with the innovative patented technologies Vitap Bar Nesting System®️ (which allows you to work the 5 sides of the panel in just 4 minutes) and DDT System Double Dynamic Transport®️, a double clamp system for seamless panel handling.

Many might think that a machine capable of doing so many processes must necessarily occupy a very large space, but this is not the case at all.

Wilco Koel Interieur will be able to exploit these unique strengths on the market while having very limited spaces available, as you can see from the photos. The other strong point of Point K2 2.0 is in fact its extreme compactness.

We are very happy to help this company bring creative projects to life for their clients and we thank them for trusting us. We are sure it will pay off.

Point K2 2.0 and automation: from small to large runs

Another strong point of Point K2 2.0 is its great flexibility. As we have seen it is a perfect machine for those who have to work in small environments and need small and medium runs, but not only.

In fact, it can be integrated with our technologies dedicated to automation, giving life to real production cells. Thanks to tailor-made automation, it is therefore possible to make Point K2 2.0 totally autonomous and also adapt it to different needs, such as those of large production.