Vitap and local students:
a workshop dedicated to mutual growth

One of Vitap's main objectives is to encourage the growth of its reference area through the transfer of skills, the enhancement of students and listening to their new ideas.

With this in mind, on Friday 30 September 2022, we hosted the Creative Workshop "E che Carter!", which saw the participation of 5 students of the 5th AME class (mechanical course) of the Roncalli Institute of Poggibonsi, accompanied by Professor Andrea Di Vincenzo, and 5 students of classes 5 ° A and 5 ° B (maintenance and technical assistance course) of the Cennino Cennini Institute of Colle Val d'Elsa, accompanied by Professor Teresa Longo.

The field work was managed by Manfredi Sottani and Alessio Tanzini of the Design Laboratory for Sustainability / Department of Architecture DIDA, University of Florence.

The event was organized with the precious partnership of the Centro Sperimentale del Mobile (Experimental Furniture Center).

The workshop

The main focus of the laboratory was a carter, a machine used daily by our company.

The 10 students had the goal of reworking the front of the machine taking into account the mechanics, functionality and aesthetics.

The workshop began with a general presentation of our company by Vito Dimichele, Vitap General Manager, followed by a field visit to the company workshop led by Marco Tanzini, Vitap vice-president.

The students were thus able to learn solid foundations for working and define a general idea for the work dedicated to our company.

After this introduction, the students' creative work began.

Our comment

Vitap is proud to have hosted the workshop "E che Carter!". We would like to thank all the institutions, professionals and teachers involved. Special thanks and encouragement go above all to the students who have ventured into the laboratory, expressing considerable intellectual and creative potential.

It is our company's mission to create a virtuous circle with students, schools and universities in our area. We are committed to actively intervene in the training of tomorrow's professionals, aware that enriching the skills present in our geographical context can have extraordinary positive effects on an economic, social and entrepreneurial level for all the players present.

For almost 70 years Vitap has valued the skills and industriousness of the local women and men, who have contributed to the success of our company with professionalism and ingenuity. We are proud of this path and we will try to strengthen it more and more, day after day.