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Vitap has been present for over 60 years in the field of woodworking machines. Our production is distinguished by the ability of our machinery to offer smart solutions, which are able to simplify the life of the user in the wood processing machines, wood panels and other materials. Our machines are in fact able to process materials in corian, bakelite and HPL (High-Pressure decorative laminates).

These qualities have allowed us to become an important reality in the sector, established worldwide, able to work in about 80 countries.

The Vitap range includes CNC machines, edgebanding machines and boring machines for processing wooden panels.

Our Machines

  • Alfa is one of our semi-automatic boring machines designed for small and medium production. Equipped with 21 spindles is a universal machine for boring the panel […]
  • BC91 evo is one of our semi-automatic edgebanding machines for shaped or straightened pieces (concave and convex). Equipped with a 3kg glue tank, with this edgebanding […]
  • Blade is a trimming machine for shaped pieces, perfect for working flexibly with excellent performance. This machine will allow you to carry out precise and accurate […]
  • Blitz is a drilling gluing and dowel inserting machine with numerical control. Efficient and reliable, it is extremely intuitive to use thanks to the simplicity of […]
  • Eclipse 2.0 is a semi-automatic edgebanding machine with a universal trimmer, ideal for working shaped (concave and / or convex) or straightened or large panels.  Compared […]
  • Fusion 2.0 is one of our semi-automatic edgebanding machines for shaped pieces. Equipped with a 1kg glue tank, it is able to process large and small […]
  • Galileo Vitap Galileo is a CNC machining center for wood and many other materials. It will allow you to work with incredible ease of management and […]
  • Microperforation: the revolutionary Vitap method With Micra Vitap has patented a revolutionary system for the production of micro-perforated sound-absorbing panels. Until now, microperforation was carried out […]
  • Point 2 is a CNC machining center designed for on-demand production that requires high flexibility. It is a numerical control boring machine equipped with the revolutionary […]
  • Point Acoustic is the CNC boring machine that produces acoustic and sound-absorbing panels of excellent quality: by drilling and grooving, the machine is able to make […]
  • Point Grooving is a CNC machine dedicated to the realization of grooves on wooden acoustic and sound-absorbing panels: Point Grooving allows to create acoustic modules for […]
  • Point K2 2.0 Point K2 2.0 is the technological evolution of numerical control machines for wood processing. The power of 4 machines is concentrated in a […]
  • Our Quartz 6.7 is an automatic one-side edgebanding machine. This machine is the perfect tool for craftsmen and operators who need to apply wooden edges professionally […]
  • Quartz 3 is one of our automatic single side edgebanding machines. This machine is the ideal solution for every craftsman who has to work on wooden […]
  • RC92 is a universal trimming machine that is part of our semi-automatic edgebanding machines for shaped or straight pieces. Thanks to this machine you will be […]
  • Rounder is a trimmer that is part of our semi-automatic edgebanding machines for shaped or straightened pieces. This machine is able to work on wood panels […]
  • Sigma wood boring machines are specifically designed to meet the needs of large-scale production. Vitap has always been looking for increasingly intelligent and innovative solutions, with […]
  • Smart is a semi-automatic trimming and edgebanding machine for shaped or straightened wooden pieces. This machine will allow you to perform many operations with great precision […]
  • Smart3 is a semi-automatic trimming and bending machine for shaped or straight pieces. Extremely intelligent and adaptive machinery, it will allow you to perform precise edging […]

Many of our products are born from listening and suggestions from our users, in order to build customized machines tailored to the real needs of our customers.

The sales office reports in detail to the technical office the feelings, needs and needs expressed. In this way we can create new machines or update existing ones. Our aim is not only to offer a product, but above all solutions, intelligent means to work the wood better.

When one of our machines goes into production all the mechanical parts that compose it are processed by CNC machines. Before moving on to assembly, all the parts are thoroughly tested in the latest generation quality control department.

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